13 Jun 2016

Secrets of Cable Television as an Advertising Medium


  • You can buy time on programs that have very specific audiences. For example, you might buy onto a show that is about caring for infants to reach young mothers, or you might buy onto a show about sewing, wallpapering, landscaping, auto repair, local musicians, or book reviews and reach a more clearly defined audience than if you bought time on a network show with bigger ratings and a higher price tag.
  • The cost is lower than broadcast TV because you are reaching a smaller audience.
  • Production costs may be more affordable.
  • You may find more innovative production people here. Often cable production teams hire young writers, producers and technicians who want experience and are eager to work with you. They are often right out of school and right on top of new trends and techniques.
  • Because cable only reaches into linked homes, you know who your message is reaching. These homes may be concentrated locally. Super stations are different: They reach huge cable audiences and charge accordingly.


Almost all the advantages of advertising on cable TV have a flip side disadvantage.

  • Small reach.
  • May have less experienced production crews.
  • Reaching specific customers, but not reaching potential customers.
  • Cable TV as a whole is drawing huge numbers of viewers, but because of the increasing numbers of viewing choices, audiences can be very fragmented and viewers may stay with a program for a shorter period of time.

Olatunde Samson is the Managing Director Business Impact Limited. He is a Business & IT Consultant for Individuals and Organizations and help them turn their Ideas to Products, Markets and Systems.


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